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    By the way you may find this site useful: http://rb67.helluin.org

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    Quote Originally Posted by film_man View Post
    Congratulations on your purchase! I bought a similar kit two months ago, a minty ProSD with 90KL, brand new 127KL, two SD backs and a minty L2 prism. I would highly recommend the adjustable grip, it makes it far far easier to hold, especially as the straps are probably the most annoying setup ever. It also gives you a much nicer grip when focusing close as the camera gets very nose heavy. I use the grip and have a BlackRapid attached to it for when I want to hang it from my shoulder. I also just bought a mint 65KL, looking forward to checking it out.

    I love the SD, since buying it I haven't used my Hasselblad much, more to do with learning the beast as I do love my Hassy but it is interesting to see how each has its place.
    +1 on the multi-angle grip it really does help with handheld shooting, and yes the factory strap setup is amongst the worst I've ever seen. It's not so bad if your carrying it on your shoulder but is awkward as a neck strap, your neck will thank you as well if you sling this beast from your shoulder instead.
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