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    Quote Originally Posted by StoneNYC View Post
    What got me back to film was a tag sales 1910-1920's Kodak autographic folder. Cost me $20 with bargaining, and found these 120 "medium format" rolls could be obtained, I was fascinated! 2 years later and I've spent probably 5,000-10,000 on film equipment and film etc, its almost an addiction. But for someone that only makes $30,000/year, it's a lot of money, so remember that getting a cheapy could lead you to more

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    I couldn't agree more! More is better, right? I'm now on a "fixed income" and money isn't flowing in like it used to, but I still buy an occasional camera if the price is fair and it's what I want. Now, for my wife it's a different story. Less is better! She wants to audition me for that crazy Hoarder show on TV! Can you believe that? I just tell her she'll be sitting good when I croak 'cause she can sell all, what she calls junk, for a good price. I just hope she's smart enough not to call Goodwill. JohnW

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    Quote Originally Posted by omaha View Post
    ...I like the mojo of the TLR. I'm curious though, the Rollei cameras are going for a hefty premium to the others. Is there a functional reason for that, or is that just "collector value"?
    Rolleiflex has a well deserved reputation for sharpness and it is worth the premium price. At just under 3 pounds, it is a great camera for walking around or traveling with. Even if you include a carbon fiber tripod it is still easy to take along.

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