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    Quote Originally Posted by ambaker View Post
    As cheap as film cameras have become, why not one of each?

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    Then the problem you face is which one to shoot with. I have this problem now, with a 35mm kit consisting of three K mount bodies (not counting the Ricoh Singlex TLS screw mount I bought because one just like it was my first real camera and I waned one - dim viewfinder and heavy, but works ok) and a Yashicamat 124, a M645 Pro, and a Linhof 4x5. The 35mm kit has grown to where I pack what I expect I might use at a given time in a smaller bag. The whole thing fits in one big bag but with two WA-short Tele zooms, one 50mm, a 70-210, a flash unit, filters etc. it's pretty darned heavy to tote the whole thing. Same only more so with the 645 Pro with the winder grip, AE prism finder, three lenses, four backs, something like five or six inserts (I forget exactly) and a Polaroid back. And the 4x5, well, with 11 holders, a roll film back, a Polaroid back (for the still available and affordable 3.25x4.25 Fuji film) three lenses, dark cloth, spot meter... it fits nicely in a backpack, but needs that backpack if I want to carry it all (I rarely carry all the holders, since I'd never use them all in one outing) not to mention my 8 lb. tripod I always carry if I'm shooting 4x5.

    And I know my kits are sparse compared to many folks here.

    It becomes a problem of choosing what to take and what to leave and suffering a type of paralysis by analysis.

    And, perhaps oddly, when I think it will suit the shooting I want to do, my favorite to take is the Yashicmat. One lense, built in, my LunaPro SBC, a hood, some filters and extra film fits nicely in a quite small bag made originally for digital. It's unobtrusive and easy to carry while walking for other purposes.

    Either my 35mm kit with my LX and MX and lenses or the M645 Pro with the AE prism, interchangeable backs and lenses is far more versatile (the 4x5 is LESS versatile but what it does, it does better than any of my other cameras) but the Yashica is about the most fun of the lot.

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    You know what I'd like to see discussed, pro and con?--User opinions of a C, CM compared with its EL models. I for one maintain that the ELM can compare more on the same footing with Rolleis in the camera vibration department. The motor/battery adding dampening by weight. My EL trips off smooth as silk. I pick up the C and it jumps in my hand when I trip it. Yes, all foams are new. On top of that, EL's are cheap. Goes to show don't have to spend yourself into guilt to have a great camera. I'm telling you folks who have never shot an EL/ELM--they're really smooth when that mirror clacks. Much closer to a Rollei. A CM is like--FLOP!, and it shakes your hand. And my logic is that because of that, your hand is the actual offender more than the camera. C's are compact, and EL's have the beef to get the grain (pixel) peeping sharpness.
    Put me down in the ELM column, by reason of stability. (and price)

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