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    Thanks for all the help here, i so appreciate it, and i hope it didn't hijack this thread too much or we went off-topic.

    In all cases, any gear without rechargeable battery option will have my bad feedback or cons always even if it delivers high quality results.

    So going back to the topic, which 6x6 body or system you prefer or like? I have Hasselblad 501CM, only that focusing screen was the issue, i bought new one from ebay that is 45-deg split imag focusing screen, it is slightly better than my two Matte Acute-D F_screens, but still not that perfect, got a recommendation of a brand from a member i can't remember now but it is so expensive alternative, so i am not sure if that will be the key, or looking at another 6x6 format body?

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    I've had a Rollieflex 2.8E2, A Hassy 500c but the best of all has been a Contax 645 with Zeiss lenses

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Brown View Post
    OK, getting back to the OP question; I don't think this is really answerable, but I'll play:

    645 fixed lens: Fuji rangefinders

    645 interchangeable lenses: Mamiya/Pentax/Bronica

    6x6 rangefinder : Mamiya 6

    6x6 TLR fixed lens: Rolleiflex, Minolta Autocord

    6x6 TLR interchangeable lenses: Mamiya

    6x6 SLR: Hasselblad, Bronica, Rolleiflex

    6x6 “budget”: Yashica TLR, Kowa 6

    6x7 fixed lens: Fuji 670

    6x7 interchangeable lens rangefinder: Mamiya 7

    6x7 SLR: Pentax 67, Mamiya RB/RZ67, Bronica

    6x9 fixed lens: Fuji 690

    6x9 “press”: Mamiya Press, baby Graflex

    6x9 view camera: any view camera with a roll film back

    ... let the games begin!

    It would seem that a rare category, perfectly suited for landscapes And environmental portraits, is the 6X9 Interchangeable lens camera

    The original Fujica 690


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