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    Jul 2006
    Oklahoma, USA
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    A Leica M with a few lenses and Rollei TLR is a great combo for general photography. Sorry to hear you got burned with a purchase.

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    Feb 2005
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    Weight. Geez, stop whining. If it's all too heavy just use your iPhone and Instagram your crew. But, it you want to take some real photos, you gotta tote some glass and metal.

    I have 2 MF cameras. My first was a Rolleicord, lightweight. Takes very good photos. Some of my favorite pictures were taken with it and I still use it. Hardest thing to do is get into a rhythm with it due to the separate shutter cock and film rewind. Once you do though, it works very well.

    My other system is a Hasselblad. This was not an easy camera to start using. Loading the backs can be a little funky. The left handed grip under the camera did not feel natural. It is a camera that can be operated quickly, but, doesn't really want to work that way. But. Add a left handed grip with shutter release. A better screen. And chase the dogs around the yard a bit. And suddenly it becomes second nature.

    I'm selling a Leica system because I couldn't get comfortable with it, so how a system handles is very, very, important to me. The Rollei hooked me real fast. My Nikon hardware is 2nd nature to me. I can use 2 different 4x5 setups without issue, but, the Blad really is growing on me. The more I use it the better it feels and the more I like it. I was afraid, after the first roll or 2, that it would go the way of the Leica. Wonderful system, but not for me. Now I can't get out of the KEH web page looking for my next lens, a prism would be nice, those ELM bodies are stupid cheap, ....

    So, too heavy, shut up, take a lap, drop and give me 20. Show the world that your art is really important to you. Make each picture meaningful. Sacrifice a bit. Then, an espresso, with a nice slice of that cheesecake over there ....

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    If you buy a Rolleiflex, especially off of Craigslist, you should assume that it needs to be serviced. That camera will be anywhere from 40 to 80 years old and anything mechanical of that age should be serviced.

    I'm not trying to be mean, but I am trying to help all of those who buy older cameras that this is a reality.

    However, once serviced, that camera will run smoothly for the next quarter century or longer, depending on how you treat the camera.

    The Rolleiflex TLR was used by all types of photographers - Sunday shooters, well-heeled amateurs, serious amateurs, wedding pros, studio work and newspapers. Some of them have lived and easy life. Many have seen a hard life.

    Hey, Jerry, love that last paragraph. Good advice.

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