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    Value of Mamiya c220?

    Hi everyone

    Im a newbie to MF and I was looking for advice on the value of a c220 with 2 lens. Im looking at buying the c220 along with 2 lenses. The lenses that come along with it are the 65mm and 80mm black versions. The guy that Im looking at buying it from is asking $300 for the total package.

    Unfortunately I cant confirm what kind of condition the camera or lenses are in. I was told everything is in "great shape". I plan on inspecting the eqipment in person before buying it.

    It seems like I could pick up a average c220 w/lens for around $150-200 on Ebay.

    Anyone have any advice on pricing?

    Thanks in advance.

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    That is a nice price since the lenses alone would run as much. Be sure the lenses are clean of fungus and scratches and the shutters work properly. Look for oily shutter blades and slow speeds as the giveaway of serious problems. Mamiya can fix the lenses and they can be cleaned.

    I am not sure if the view screen is replaceable as is the C330s. Be sure if it can't be replaced that it is in good clean condition or you'll have a heck of a time to replace it. It is possable to do but the camera has to be dismantled to do it.

    Check the light seals around the back door. Although they are easy enough for you to change if they are gummy it is something to start your search for problems.

    Look at the mirror for fungus damage, that is an indication the camera has been stored for a long time and may be a clue of fungus in the lenses as well. Smell the inside for a mouldy odor. It can be in the fabric as well.

    It's a great OLD camera and you will have a blast with it.
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    Check the lock/unlock control releases the catch that holds the lens change wire and operates the internal light baffle.

    For pictures try http://www.btinternet.com/~g.a.patterson/c220/c220.html
    or http://webdisk.berkeley.edu/~grahamp/c220/c220.html

    There's an extra picture on the second page that I have not added to the primary site.

    It sounds a fair price. Don't forget the lenses are manually cocked on this body. Take an old backing roll on a spool with you if you have one. Its the only way to check the film advance. The Single/Multi exposure control does not always stay at Multi on this model. Not a big issue (to my mind), but it should operate in Single mode.
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    There are some real advantages to buying from an available source where you can get hold of the merchandise. The asking price seems to be a little on the high side to me. Get a roll of 120 and run it through the camera just to see if the transport is functioning correctly. Check the lenses with a third lens as a loupe. Shine a light up through them peering carefully down allowing the focus to fall on the various elements. Any haze due to glue separation or fungus, et c. can be detected. Also check the shutter operation in all settings.

    Even though these cameras were used by professionals to a great extent, which can be hard on the transport mechanism(s), except for obvious major deterioration, these cameras are usually quite durable so make your best deal.
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