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    I've been packing a pre-1950 Mamiya 6 folder for a couple of years now. It fits in a jacket pocket, and the cargo pocket of my pants or shorts. I've always been a fan of square negatives, so any folding 6x6 gets my nod. I have also been a fan of Kodak Tourist cameras, the originals with Anaston 105/4.5 lens on flash Kodamatic shutters, 6x9 from a package not much bigger than my Mamiya 6, and sharp. The only drawback with them is zone focus, but once you get the hang of using them, makes life easy.
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    Yesterday I saw an Agfa Isolette III went for Euro 10 in ebay.de and Rolleicord Vb for Euro 150. Both are amazingly simple yet it produces wonderful negatives.

    But these days I am happy shooting with Holga 120GFN(120GN if you do not need a flash) and in combination with Rodinal 1+100 stand for an hour at temps around 16°C. Though I am not very much into stand development but this combo just works for me.

    * GFN may give some crazy light leak with flash and that may bring different properties to the portraits.

    Some shot with GFN 120GFN on bright sunny day without any filter.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    OM-1n: Do I need to own a Leica?
    Rolleicord Va: Humble.
    Holga 120GFN: Amazingly simple yet it produces outstanding negatives to print.

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