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    Quote Originally Posted by MattKing View Post
    I was given (for free!) my most recent medium format projector!
    A most excellent gift !
    - Bill Lynch

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    I was given my 35mm projector, a Kodak autofocus model. If someone wants to give me a medium format project I'll a) be very grateful, b) start shooting my 120 E6, c) buy more 120 E6, and d) immediately buy some appropriately sized slide mounts.

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    I'm pretty much a newbie amateur photographer starting only late last year and it didn't take me long to get completely hooked on medium format roll film and I've become a medium format junkie and my specialty is antique medium format film from the 1930s to the 1970s, have shot over 30 rolls of 120, 620 and 116 formats in the past 6 months which are featured on my Flickr channel https://www.flickr.com/photos/51853869@N08/sets . I however haven't abandoned the 35mm format as I still shoot it here and there, but the quality of medium format is better and I can easily do a decent quality scan using overhead projector lighting and my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone camera so I shoot it more often than 35mm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Cole View Post
    Problem is, you can't do anything with that transparency anymore except enjoy it on a lightbox or scan it, unless you have a very expensive projector that can handle that size. I shoot 35mm E6 for projection but don't see any reason to use the remaining 120 E6 film in my fridge, unless I get a medium format projector. That isn't too unreasonable for the 645 and 6x6 frames. At 6x9 I'm not even sure such a beast exists (6x7 yes, though expensive, but 6x9 I really don't even know) and if it does, it'll cost you.
    True, scan+print is just about the only option nowadays.
    There's a local store that still lists Provia 400X. Not cheap, but I think I'll pass and grab a roll for the test run. Later on and given that customs don't take the rest of my budget, I'd buy provia 100F.
    Lately though I have something for negatives and the way they render highlights, and being more versatile. That means I should see some slides again, as when I do I want to shoot more of them.
    As of 6x9 projectors, I saw a photo around flickr of a guy with one, IIRC it was a Beseler. Huge thing.

    I just repurposed an old iPhone as my reflective meter. Sure, it's a partial to spot meter, but (I will test more) accurate.

    Quote Originally Posted by typicalaussiebloke View Post
    I can easily do a decent quality scan using overhead projector lighting and my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone camera so I shoot it more often than 35mm.
    A bit OT, but I have so much fun with my S4 for snapshots that I seldom bring other digital cameras for everyday use (as with most high end smartphones nowadays). It will be the GW690 companion for those snaps that MF isn't for.

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