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Problem is, you can't do anything with that transparency anymore except enjoy it on a lightbox or scan it, unless you have a very expensive projector that can handle that size. I shoot 35mm E6 for projection but don't see any reason to use the remaining 120 E6 film in my fridge, unless I get a medium format projector. That isn't too unreasonable for the 645 and 6x6 frames. At 6x9 I'm not even sure such a beast exists (6x7 yes, though expensive, but 6x9 I really don't even know) and if it does, it'll cost you.
True, scan+print is just about the only option nowadays.
There's a local store that still lists Provia 400X. Not cheap, but I think I'll pass and grab a roll for the test run. Later on and given that customs don't take the rest of my budget, I'd buy provia 100F.
Lately though I have something for negatives and the way they render highlights, and being more versatile. That means I should see some slides again, as when I do I want to shoot more of them.
As of 6x9 projectors, I saw a photo around flickr of a guy with one, IIRC it was a Beseler. Huge thing.

I just repurposed an old iPhone as my reflective meter. Sure, it's a partial to spot meter, but (I will test more) accurate.

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I can easily do a decent quality scan using overhead projector lighting and my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone camera so I shoot it more often than 35mm.
A bit OT, but I have so much fun with my S4 for snapshots that I seldom bring other digital cameras for everyday use (as with most high end smartphones nowadays). It will be the GW690 companion for those snaps that MF isn't for.