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    There is no real choice here, go for the MF set up. I recently purchased an ancient Agfa Isolette folding 6x6 camera. The first 12 negs out of it blew everything I'd ever done before into a cocked hat! Sharpness? I nearly cut myself looking at them!

    Sell the DSLR before it's yesterday's news and only worth a dozen rolls of HP5!

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    Trust nothing on luminous lanscape. He is definately not objective about anything.

    I would keep the D-70 if I could but if getting into MF or even into LF meant selling it I would do it in a heart beat. I have not been doing LF stuff for long but it seems that I have a greater selection of films now than I did when I started, BW and color.

    As for lens names and what the different initals mean I have no clue. Personally I think manufactures just slap an intial on a lens so they can charge more, but I know nothing about lenses except what their purpose is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snaggs
    Is putting any money in a MF lens system foolish in this day?

    Will I be disappointed with the quality of MF?

    Am I just being sentimental about film?
    Maybe, maybe not. It depends what you want to do. If you want to do pixelography - digital capture than use a pixel editor to manipulate your digital capture and print using a printer, than go by the way of a digital camera. If you want to do photography - then buy a film camera.

    You did say you wanted to do landscpaes and portraits, I think in another post. Than the Rollei is it if you want to be serious. I also read that the digital allowed to learn quicker. Although this may be true, I am not sure what you learned. I honestly believe that in order to really learn photography - to see the light, to really understand capture - you need a film camera.

    Should I just be buying into the Canon system?
    If you already have a Nikon digital system, I don't see the logic in switching to a Canon system.

    Should I just skip MF all together a just get a Linhof Technica III for peanuts
    I can't answer that one. I don't know anything about that camera, but from what read it's a great camera.

    The worst thing about digital is having to have your Body+Lens+imaging device (CCD) all from the same company!
    Well, not really. You could have a Nikon body with a Sigma lens and the CCD is from Kodak. Or a Canon body, lens from Tamron and the CCD is from Sony. Plus there's more combinations. Anyway, this is all moot - get the Rollei.

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    Daniel, my D70 has been collecting dust since I went back to 35mm and 6x6. Haven't looked back since. The D70 has actually hardly been used and am now selling it. For digital snaps I still have a great little Olympus C5050 but even that hasn't been used since Nov 2003. By the time I want to use it, it most probably won't be compatible with anything. LOL. Love film and manual and also just getting my hands dirty in the darkroom - purist at heart and nothing like it! Have fun!!!
    Kind regards from West Australia,

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    Well, I looked at the prices of accessories.... and that scared me. Just a film insert costs more than a complete DSLR here! So I was a bit worried about repairs etc. Ive decided to go Leica M + Linhoff Technika combo.

    Thanks for all the help! Its a real shame Leica, Zeiss, Contax, Rollei, Voitlander, Linhoff, Schneider etc dont all get together to produce a new standard for backs and a lens mount like the Olympus 4/3 standard, except better quality! (say 30mm x 30mm).


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    You wont be disappointed

    I have gotten to where I am a big fan of E100G mainly because it is so clean scanning. I drumscan most my film at 2000 dpi. With a sharp lens and no sharpening, E100G edge sharpness at 2000 dpi is as good as most digital cameras/files I have seen or used, except for Sigma.

    That is a scan you can basically do some very minor work to and print.

    That works out to roughly 6x7 at 25mp and it is clean. I shoot a Pentax 67.

    Of couse if you want to push it and you have super sharp lenses like on a mamiya 7 or your 6008 you could scan at 3000 dpi, do a bit more work and end up with about 50+ mp, but mostly I dont see a lot of need for going over 2000-2500dpi unless you are going to print really large.

    You wont be dissapointed, more likely wowed. For even a bigger wow, shoot 4x5 sometime.

    I would agree to keep some sort of digital camera though for snapshots, action shots etc. I still have my dslr (unfortunately broken for now and I am going nuts without it) and a few lenses. Actually I think a perfect combo is a dslr, all around lens like a 18-125 or 18-200 and a 300mm Prime lens. I have a Sigma 18-125 and it stays on my camera 95% of the time.

    All that said i think i would trade and pick up a used Dslr later. That sounds like a good trade.

    There are a lot of digital and film scans on my pbase site here.


    Especially check out this shot and the small crop. This is a E100s 4x5 shot. Slightly cropped, so its more like 3.5 x 4x5.



    Crop. This is about 1" x 3/4" of film, scanned at 2000 dpi neated and sharpened.


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