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    Quote Originally Posted by omaha View Post
    I just checked, and mine (both of them, that is) are the same way. The locking ring stops a few degrees short of "open" if the body is not cocked.

    Makes me wonder what happened a few months ago when it seemed like the camera locked up, and removing the lens and re-setting the lens and body cleared it up...
    Thanks for confirming.

    The answer to your wonder is the body (or lens) had jammed early in the sequence/cycle before the lens lock was set.

    Id try the lens off the body for any errant symptoms...


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    update: 127 mm lens

    I found me a nice MAMIYA RB67 SEKOR-C 3,8/127 lens today in Germany and it is on its way to me.

    I saw several very good images made with a RB67 and the 127 mm lens really stood out (to me). So it was on my watch list and now I found a decent one. The 65 mm lens will follow sometimes too, I guess. The 250 mm probably not. I'm not a "tele guy" so there is (to me) no gap between 180 mm and 360 mm. And there is a good chance I might even sell the 360 mm lens.

    At the moment I'm having a rather bussy period at work: we're having elections on March 18th. After that I hope to get me some days off with good weather and go out shooting with the RB 67 and my new C330f.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mamiya-RB67-127mm-001.JPG   Mamiya-RB67-127mm-002.JPG   Mamiya-RB67-127mm-003.JPG  
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    Nice lens Toadman, I'm sure your going to like it. I have a pretty full range of lenses for my RB and for most of what I do the 127 is as long as I get. I do though like the 140 C, its a wicked good lens but most of what I do tends toward wider angles. I don't remember the last time my 180, 250, or 360 were taken out of the cabinet.

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