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    Quote Originally Posted by tony lockerbie View Post
    All of the TLR's are made in Germany. The little Rollei 35's are mostly made in Singapore, but originally in Germany. I have several SL35's, which are branded Rolleiflex, and one is made in Germany, the others in Singapore.
    Many of the lenses that fitted the later Rollei 35mm SLR's were made in Japan by Mamiya, but used Voigtlander names as Rollei and Voigtlander had joined forces by then.
    My late Father had various Rollei 35mm gear in the mid-1970's, which was around the time some production moved to Singapore ; at the time Dixons (IIRC?) were doing good deals, as though there might have been surplus stocks or similar.

    His little Rollei 35 was definitely made in Singapore, the lens "Tessar made by Rollei". He also has 2 Rolleiflex SL35's, made in Singapore, the lenses 50mm 1.8, "Planar made by Rollei". But the wide angle and longer lenses were "Carl Zeiss, made in W. Germany", and the more specialist bits like extension tubes and bellows were "West Germany".

    The SL35 bodies and lenses were the quality expected from Rollei, but the spec. was a bit dated even at the time, no interchangeable finders, motor drives, etc., and the camera bodies themselves seemed of quite lightweight construction. I'm fairly sure that he eventually sold the outfit in favour of more versatile and sturdy Nikon gear.

    (Sorry,this is all a bit OT for the original question, but hopefully of interest).
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    Quote Originally Posted by snapguy View Post
    Vas is los? I've owned two Rolleiflexes -- one I got in 1956 and the other one (60 years old) I just recently got. I have always kept an eye on the 'Flexes and do not believe any were made anywhere but Germany. I do have a Yashicamat that some people say has lenses made in Germany and some say they were German designs made in Japan.
    I used to knew Terry Donovan the fashion photographer who used to say that all his Rolleiflexes given a coat of grey paint at the beginning of each September would gang up and invade Poland !

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