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    Bronica darkslide holder

    I just received my new to me Bronica S2A today and in the box was a little plastic sleeve that holds the darkslide. Now I've seen built in holders on back, my RB67 Pro-SD back has them and newer hasselblad back etc. but I have never seen anything like this. It's a thin grey piece of plastic with a slot in it that holds the darkslide and it does not attack to the camera or anything else in any apparent way. Anyone out there know why the nice people at Bronica made this device? The only thing I can think is maybe they thought it would offer the darkslide better protection than simply being tossed in your pocket, but it's not exactly a flimsy darkslide to begin with. Anyways just curious.
    Mamiya RB67 Pro-S, Mamiya-Sekor 90mm F=3.8C

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    The S/S2/S2A had the separate sleeve for storing the dark slide, they did not have the on-the-body storage slot that came into being with the EC, EC-TL & EC-TL-II.
    I suppose you could slip it into your pocket, but as I remember the edge could be a bit on the sharp side, you could do yourself some damage.



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