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    Quote Originally Posted by benveniste View Post
    I can't speak to the 645NII, since I could never justify the price difference to myself.

    Back when I bought my 645NII they were twice the price of the 645N so of course I felt the same way as you. I was watching Ebay one day for another 645N and saw a 645NII advertised as a 645N. I ended up being the highest bidder and bought my mint- 645NII at the 645N price.

    Sometimes you get lucky.

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    I have owned all three and still own the 645 and 645Nii. If you will be focusing manually then buy the 645. It is easier to get accurate manual focus with it. There is a reason that the screen is a little darker as it permits focus snap. While I do agree that the 645N and 645Nii screens are brighter they are designed for autofocus.

    The button interface on the 645 is not quite as intuitive at first as the dials available on the later models but after working with it for a day it becomes second nature.

    The simplest tools can be the hardest to master.

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    I have used a 645 for 6 years now and it is excellent. If you plan to manual focus, why spend more on an autofocus 645N or 645Nii, especially if you plan to sell it soon afterward?

    As far as some of the criticisms of the 645, I think they are minor nitpicks: 1) the controls become familiar after you use the camera a little; 2) if full-stop exposure compensation on the 645 is inadequate, change the ISO for 1/3 stop compensation; 3) if the viewfinder is darker than on the others, it is not a real issue as I have never missed a focus; 4) metering is excellent, I have never blown an exposure.

    Given their low price and excellent image quality, you might want to keep it when you get back.

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