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I mean you say that you'd like to have the bigger image when you need it, but it does rather sound like you never actually need it.
The problem is I spent the first few years of my photo 'career' with an RB-67 in hand. After working with negs of that size, it's hard to imagine all my future work will be done with 35mm. It seems that lately I haven't been using medium format enough, but I feel like someday I will again. When that day comes the Hasselblad is the perfect instrument of choice.

After looking at your website (David) I'm having second thoughts about selling the Blad. You work is excellent and you use the square format to its full potential. Very nice.

Knowing my self pretty well, I have to say that when I can't make a solid decision that I can live with, it usually means that I should make no decision at all. I'm going to keep the beast for a while longer and try to force myself to use it as much as possible. Thanks to everyone for their advice, it all made sense and ultimately contributed to my decision. Now it's time to put my money (or film) where my mouth is and produce some good images with the Blad.
Thanks for the insight,