Hi all,

I posted this on the rangefinderforum site too... wondered if anyone had any advice...

I have a Fuji GS645S - I pulled it out of my shoulder bag the other day to discover that the front cow-catcher/bumper section had pulled away from the body. There's around 2mm of play now and a small gap between the square plastic surround with the bumper on it and the base of the lens mount and body.

The lens mount is still solid - it's only the surround and the bumper that seems loose.

Can I just glue it back down? I assume that is how it was attached already? I can't see any obvious screws or clips.

If so, what sort of glue should I use?

Some kind of epoxy? cyanocrylate [Krazy Glue/Superglue]? I'm assuming epoxy as it's less brittle?

I'm surprised it came loose. I don't abuse the camera. Perhaps the bumper caught on the bag as I lifted it out.