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    Jazzmechanic, your symptom indicates that the cocking ring of your body isn't reaching the correct angle when cocked - when this happens it's not usually long before the shutter starts missing.
    The small gear below the cocking ring which drives it is often the first to fail, the teeth wear away.
    It can be examined by removing the small screws holding the front panel.
    Not all the teeth are used and a repairer can extend its life easily by rotating it to use previously unused teeth if a spare gear is unavailable or if money or time are at issue.
    Takes less than an hour if it's done before further failure.

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    Thank you guys greatly for the paper clip trick. It worked, and I'm so grateful. I appreciate your advice, it was good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul ron View Post
    There is a way to get a locked lens off. Looking at the front of the lens. The right triangle of leather where it says PRO-S has to be peeled off. There is a little hole where you can put a paper clip in to push the lock down as you turn the retainer ring. Once you get the red beads lined up, still pushing the lock down, wiggle the lens off carefully as it will catch the lip of the mount as you get it off.

    e-mail me, I'll send you a couple visuals of the hole and the lock?
    Paul NYC
    I want to personally thank you for the advice on this issue! it worked perfectly on my jammed mamiya RB67 Pro S I must have erroneously put on my lens un cocked on the non cocked body when it jammed. I was cautious not to force anything. and now it works again! I know your help just saved me a bunch of money better spent on gear! APUG RULES!!!! Your advice has been GOLDEN in my circumstance and I am back in action!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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