I've seen this beast today in Moscow's store - oh dear, what a monstrosity! I can't believe anyone tried to shoot PJ reportages with it. I've never heard about this camera - it looks like a typical Linhof technika with back movements, but the lenses are biiig and come off with a thick front panel. There is a big focusing ring there, and the shutter both cocks and releases with the same ring. The set of camera body, GG back for 6*9 sheet film holders, 6*9 rollfilm back, handle with release cable, 53mm Zeiss Biogon, 100mm Zeiss Planar, 180mm Zeiss Sonnar, universal viewfinder and leather case costs about $3000 - quite much! And the overall condition is used but not abused. Does anyone know the history of such cameras? I have never seen it before, or heard about.