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    Quote Originally Posted by timeUnit
    My point was that when you need a microscope or a drum scanner to tell two lenses apart, I think they're both good enough.

    And, to go back to the original topic, I don't think Ruvy should sell the Bronica outfit, get the Hassy (which is quite expensive) and realise the systems are for practical purposes equal. I think it's more the Must Aquire Syndrome talking than anythin. If, on the other hand, Ruvy recognises this as MAS and decides to sell the Bronica anyway, that's just fine. New gear is _always_ nice!
    Thanks. As replied to other the sharpenss issue is an ongoing problem but not always. I have used Hassi to demonstrate this part of my dilemma. It got more attention than it deserves as the main part of my thread was about differentiating my gear to heavy and cumbersome as my LF is and light and spontaneous as I want my MF to be. So no, I don't think I will replace the Broncia soon for a hassy but I hope to find a good other camera for travel and p\spontaneous street shots and shooting moving subjects.

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    Back on page one of this thread I recommended the Bronica RF645. I'll do so again: for a travelling camera it is ideal. It is light but well-built, the lightmeter is accurate and the lenses are excellent. It is not a beauty, but ergonomically it is the best camera I have ever had. It is also comparatively cheap. My other travelling camera is a Rolleicord TLR. I use both of them for street shooting as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruvy
    Sorry for not responding sooner, my computer crashed...

    Soeren, thanks for your interest in helping. I have tried many combinations and do get mixed results. Its not always dull but when compared to my LF it leaves a lot to be desired. I am using a Manfrono 190 which is lighter than yours, have tried it once with a heavier, with cable and without, with MLU when shutter speed is 30 or slower etc. Can't honestly say I have observed a significant differences like you have. If work is not done methodically, i.e. same subject and light conditions but shot with different accessorys (tripod, head, etc.) it is very difficult to draw conclusive conclusions. One thing is clear, good contrasty light will produce seemingly sharper images.

    There is a line in your posts that always draw my attention where you define yourself to be "a recovered magic bullet chaser". It is most meaningful to me too and I like it a lot. I often check myself on a scale of how much have I recovered if any at all. My goal and dilemma here is if I should get a camera that will be sharper but even more important that will be lighter and more spontaneous than the LF. Important as it is, I think this thread went too far on the sharpness issue and not far enough on the practicality issue. Ralphs last comment about using 35mm is in that direction however I am no longer sure about the advantages of a 35mm camera vs. digital unless it has a Leica like optics.
    Stepping up in format will mostly leave the smaller format lacking something.
    Yes Im a recovering magic bullet chaser. I really though my photography would improove if just......
    Now Im analysing carefully the kind of shooting, subjects etc new gadgets or cameras will be used for before buying.
    I guess my use of coming LF will be somewhat the same as my MF now.
    My MF could not replace my 35mm gear since I don't have the money to put into the gear needed.
    My use of 35mm: Nature, macro, travel and streetshooting in Colorslides and B&W. In theory this could all be done with my Bronica but as you mentioned it's larger more heavy and slower to operate than 35mm. The solution to some of this (landscapes, travel- and streetshooting) could be a TLR or a MF rangefinder. Here you must consider your prefered format
    (4.5, 6, 7, 8 or 9X6) and if you need other focallenghts than the normal lens.
    The more lenses needed the less portable the outfit.
    My use of MF (Bronica): Portraits, nature, landscapes and -details, cityscapes and nightshots of the same. not demanding a very responsive and portable system. as said I think thats what a LF system would be used for if I got one.
    sorry if this looks disorderly. Im looking after my son while writing.
    Ill be back with more thoughts on the subject.
    Cheers Søren
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