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Thread: Hassie help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr82bart
    I love my Hassey as well. I have the 503CW.
    With the CW Winder, this machine is wonderful for hand shooting. In fact I travel with it everywhere - it's my 'tourist' camera so to speak. Add a PME 45 prism and you've got a pretty neat little 35mm-like MF camera.
    Ooooo lala

    I have a winder that I have never used!! I tried it a few times when I got the camera and it jambed -
    Still don't know if it's me or the winder.... need to have it checked out before I try it again. And the PME 45 is awesome.. I just love the way it feels, the angle of view etc. I also got that magnifier attachment that has been a help on several occasions; although I don't use it a lot it has come in handy and is kept on the prism most of the time as it easily flips up out of the way.
    note: I still love the waist level but have gotten away from using it lately

    I DON'T carry my hassey around with me nearly enough!! : ( and feel guilt about it. I will take Art's example to heart and make more of an effort as I know in the long run it will make me better and happier!!
    thanks Art - I needed that kick in the pants

    square and loving it
    [FONT=Palatino Linotype]Remember each day as a blessing, be grateful and live happy![/FONT][/COLOR]

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    I shoot both Hasselblad 6x6 and LF 4x5. I have both the 501CM and 503CW cameras and both are outstanding. I think generally good advice is to buy the later model that you can afford in very good condition.

    The 503 differes from the 501 in that it enables TTL flash and the attachment of the CW winder. When I added a body to my 501CM (superb camera) I thought I might as well have the extra features in case I want to use them and could do so since digital has reduced used prices of Hassy gear.

    Well today I find I use the TTL flash regularly and ended up getting the CW winder. The winder has increased my use of the 503 by at least 50% - convenient; easy to hold in the street; great on a tripod with the IR control.

    So if your budget allows it, go for the 503 and again if you can afford it buy the new CW version for the reasons others have said.

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