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    A standard lens is one with much the same length as the film diagonal, in which case 90mm is standard for 6 x 7. However, the traditional 50mm standard for 35mm film is actually a bit long. The real standard would be 43mm, so 90mm on 6 x 7 will seem a bit wide angle by comparison and it takes a 105mm to give a similar field of view. In other words, you pays your money and takes your choice. I use a 90mm, but that was just my choice.


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    Equivalents in 35mm are roughly 45mm & 52mm, so they are both considered standard. The Pentax site doesn't list the 90mm lens, so maybe it's no longer produced.

    I just bought a Pentax 67II: got the body 2nd hand from Charlotte camera (at a very good price), the lens as a demo (new) from Adorama, at a very good price, and the AEII prism from B&H (I was impatient) at their normal price. Overall, saved $900 over new price for the kit.

    I really like this camera. Fits in my hands, and everything works intuitively for me. It was this or a Fuji rangefinder, and I thought I'd be better off getting a camera that is still in production.

    Now to start assembling a few choice lenses!

    I think you'll be happy with your decision, whichever normal lens you pick.


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