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    Another c220?

    At the risk of being branded a heretic, I'll ask "why not a C220F?" I have an RB67 which is a nice camera if I know exactly what I'm going to shoot and can determine my entire kit in advance. For a street photo project, which is likely to involve carrying my gear for long periods, I'm getting together a C220F kit. Carrying the RB for hours in my pack especially with some recently surfaced back problems is unlikely. I've played with the C220F a bit, and I like the pictures I got with the 80/2.8S, but my first body had a film transport issue. It's not the lightest, but it's not an SLR which is useful for handholding, and the weight is similar to the lightest MF SLRs. Also, the lack of collector interest keeps the price of a kit with the normal lens reasonable; I had originally considered a Rollei 2.8(C,D,E,or F), but there were way too many sharks in those waters. If your daughter likes MF, maybe you can get her an SLR down the road. I think the ability to carry the camera and shoot handheld is a significant consideration, but that probably reflects my interests which are in the main documentary.

    While I'm blathering, let me agree with the previous suggestion to go with KEH. My first C220F had a problem with the wind-on, but Art Zebrak from KEH gave me no hassle at all when I described the trouble in seeking an exchange. But now I wait for the replacement to go through the Christmas rush.

    Last of all, good luck with your search!

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    You could buy a (good user grade) Bronica GS-1 with back, prism finder, and normal Zenza lens for about $400 or less at the auction site. The GS-1 is fine camera that produces superb 645, 6x6,6x7 negatives and transparencies.
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    First, I love the Bronica System. David is correct about the Bronica medium format link. EXCELLENT! My MF systems include the S, S2, S2A with lens from 40mm through 500mm and Bronica's ETRSi with AEIII prism and an assortment of lens. This older Bronica system is the real work horse and I believe the S2A is the strongest of the series of bodies.

    If the system would be for your daughter. I would recommend the Bronica ETRSi. This is the 645 format and Nick's description of items for sale are good prices. The ETRSi is the newest version of the 645 Bronica format and will enable her to use a flash easier than with the older systems. It can be upgraded to include a prism which has a meter. I find the 150mm would be more a portrait size lens with the 50mm being the wide angle. I typically use my 75mm even though I have the 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and 250mm lens for my ETRsi system.

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    I recently purchased some Bronica equipment from a photographer in Canada who is going digital and getting rid of all his medium format equipment.

    For $800 Canadian dollars I purchased:

    Body ETRS-I with Beatie Intenscreen bright viewing screen.
    3 x120 film backs.
    Motor winder EI.
    Prism finder AE-II.
    Zenzanon-PE lens 150 mm f 3.5
    Zenzanon-PE lens 105 mm f 4.5

    Not sure what kind of a deal this would be in America considering the large amount of secondhand equipment you can get your hands on over there but it was a good deal for me, especially with the two lenses (even with shipping costs to Australia). Unless I haven't been looking in the right places over here and somebody is about to tell me that.

    He has the equipment along with photos of the equipment listed on his site at:




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