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    If you're looking for a folding camera that will allow you to simply wind on to the next frame without having to align the number in the red window (which by the way is near to impossible at night, having tried it last summer), then your best best is a Super Ikonta B.

    To further elaborate, a 531/16 uses separate windows for focusing and composing. Not the best choice.

    The 532/16 can be found with either a coated or uncoated Tessar.

    The 533/16 includes a selenium meter (often not working).

    The 531/16 and 532/16 mechanism causes the loss of one frame. The 533/16 gives you 12 exposures on 120.

    All three cameras are somewhat heavy, and you must manually align the first shot. Not that big of a deal.

    The Super Ikonta III and IV are lighter cameras with excellent coated f/3.5 75mm Tessar or coated Novar lenses. They also have autoframing mechanisms.

    But it's unlikely (not impossible) you'll find any of these cameras for less than $100 -- probably closer to $200. And generally any or all of these cameras will need to be serviced to some degree.

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    You can routinely find Seagull 203 6x6/6x4.5 folders (permanent format masks, so can't be lost) on eBay for about $25-$35 plus shipping from Shanghai (another $25 or so). These are a lever advance, coupled RF folder with what's reputed to be a decent lens; they're rather similar to an Iskra or Super Isolette in overall operation, including being able to put a 6x6 camera in a coat pocket. Now and then you can find one already in this country for a similar price and lower shipping -- I plan to get one sometime...
    Photography has always fascinated me -- as a child, simply for the magic of capturing an image onto glossy paper with a little box, but as an adult because of the unique juxtaposition of science and art -- the physics of optics, the mechanics of the camera, the chemistry of film and developer, alongside the art in seeing, composing, exposing, processing and printing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco Gilardetti
    100$ :rolleyes:
    I doubt that you will find a Graflex with rollfilm back for $100. - but stranger things have happened!

    With a Speed Graphic, you could always mount the bottom of a Coke bottle as a lens! Then you could out-Holga the Hogas
    Tom Hoskinson

    Everything is analog - even digital :D

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