If your negs get crud on them or the pages get crud on them, you can scratch them by sliding them in or pulling them out of the pages. Especially if you really do it ham-handed. The mylar fold-lock sleeves for individual strips works well, especially combined with a printfile ultra 120 page which will hold a sleeved negative.

I store all my pages with a hanging file bar inside of a rubbermaid document holder (a la Office Max). This system works the best for me..

I also store my 4x5 negatives in the printfile 4x5 pages (the one that is designed to hold sleeved 4x5 prints or polaroid 4x5 negatives).. The fold-lock mylar sleeves for 4x5 film are invaluable. Just my opinion..

KenM, i've had many 35mm negatives stick inside pages.. I think in my case it was due to moisture. Since then i've been keeping packets of silica gel inside of my rubbermaid document tub where all my negatives reside. It seems to work for me.