I just came off a stint of shooting MF telephoto and gave up and went back to digital via an slr/c. Much better tele advantage. I know film forum.

All that said what lens are you using ??

I assume its a 300mm at least and probably a TC.

All I can say is myself and another bird photographer found 400UC to be the best for MF when you need speed. Its very sharp.

Keep it over 1/250 and you should do okay, but persoanlly I would shoot for 1/500.

As far as mlu forget it unless you are going to preset your camera on a certain location.

That leaves the tripod.

I recently shot a 600mm and 1.4x Pentax 645 lens for wildlife and I found a wimberly head to work very well. Actually I have the manfroto variety.

If you need to move and have a heavy/long setup it works very well.