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    I've had the 6x7 for several months now, it doesn't have mirror lock-up, but I am quite pleased with the hand held quality of the images. I have the 105 and 55 f3.5 lenses.
    The only negative that I can say at this time is that the viewfinder is not very bright so in lower light scenes it can be a little difficult to focus accurately. All in all, I am very happy with the quality of the system, camera and lenses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coigach View Post
    Not from Coigach, but it's my favourite place in the world. Amazing landscape photography too. From November onwards I'll be living in Inverness-shire, and this area will be an hour from home
    I envy you! Good luck with your moving.

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    The Pentax system is excellent and medium format prices are a steal right now.

    I have a Pentax 67 MLU and a Pentax 67II with lenses of 45, 75, 90, 135, 165LS, 165. I have used the older model 300 also. No complaints from me. I rarely handhold it. If using a tripod I always use MLU. Otherwise I use a Feisol carbon fiber monopod which works great. When walking you can hoist the camera over your shoulder so it is not bouncing around your neck like a bowling ball. When standing still, the camera is weightless on the monopod. The monopod itself weighs ~1 pound I think. I guess I do have a complaint - film loading. I don't use the camera often as I prefer large format work. But when I do use it I always fumble with film loading, sometimes looking the expert and other times struggling.

    Of my lenses, the favorites are 45 and 135. The 45 is quite wide and allows for candid "people pictures" in tight quarters by prefocusing and tripping the shutter with a cable release. The 135 is very sharp and a very useful focal length for me. I have the older model of that lens and like it so much I had to buy the new model too but have not had a chance to test it.
    Jerold Harter MD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soeren View Post
    So I got this old Pentax 6X7 with a 75mm f/4,5.
    I kind of like the focallenght And the performance is just great though I'd like a f/2.8. Now should that be a 75mm or a 90mm. I am in the market for a 45mm f/4.0 soon and the last addition will be either a 135mm or a 165mm. What are you guys using and what are your thoughts ?
    I can't speak for several of the lenses you are considering, but the 55 and 165/2.8 I had were absolutely superb. The 165 also doubled quite nicely as a macro lens with extension tubes, and it had very pleasing bokeh.

    I also had a 400 Super Takumar. Optically it was not on par with the other two lenses, but with careful technique, it produced some very nice slides.

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