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    I've had a RolleiTLR, a Mamiya TLR and a Pentax 645. Head shots are difficult with the Rollei due to minimum focus distance and paralax. The C330 eliminates the focus distance problem and has some compensation for parallax. It also gets unwieldy to use handheld when shooting portraits with the lens racked way out. Still, it would be a reasonable choice since the square is a nice format for portraits. In the end though, I'd recommend an SLR. The Pentax is a great camera if you can live without interchangable backs and low flash sync. It is much like a big, easy to hold 35mm. I also have the whole thing (camera, 3 lenses) in a very small bag.

    Throwing another option out there......If close focus work is not an issue and you shoot a normal lens mostly, I'd definitely consider a Rollei simply because it is a joy to use (I sold the Mamiya, but not the Rollei). It is small and light and you can easily take it anywhere. It also breaks the ice nicely with people you might be photographing.

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    I have a bunch of different ones...

    If you just want to see if MF is anything for you, start with an old folder: Zeiss Ikon and Daiichi Zenobia are both good, with decent lenses.

    If you want a "real" camera, I would recommens a Bronica ETRS. I've been using one for years, and it's my first choise for a "travel camera" when logistics (read: Wife) precludes bringing LF.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Zentena
    OTOH the Bronica has leaf shutters,waist level finder, swapable backs not inserts like the Pentax.
    The Bronica has swappable backs with inserts. And swappable finders, too. I have two 120 backs, a Polaroid back and a 135W back for mine. The 135W back gives 24x54mm frames on 35mm film, great if you run out of 120 in some rremote place where 135 and APS is all that can be had.

    I also have a Mamiya C3. While that is also a great camera, I'm sorry to say that since it's so much heavier than the Bronica it tends to be used as a letter press.
    -- Ole Tjugen, Luddite Elitist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ole
    The Bronica has swappable backs with inserts.
    Yup but the main advantage with the inserts was you could buy an insert for less then a whole back. I've bought older used backs for less then $30. I've bought the latest version for not much more then $30. I guess an insert takes up less room in the bag. OTOH with the Pentax the only option is the insert.

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