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    120 in A220 Back

    Yes, you can use 120 in a A-220 back. I used a 220 back to shoot both 120 and 220 for a couple of years before getting a 120 back. The insert nonsense is no big deal. When I got the 500cm with the 220 back, the first thing I did was conduct a specific test to determine if 120 could be used in the 220 back. I used Air Force resolution charts and there was no miss focus at F2.8. I talked with Hassie-USA and their only comment was that using 120 in a 220 back might accelerate wear!

    If you want to get 12 exposures on 120 film with the 220 back, you can close the back before the arrows align with the Red arrow by about 1/2 inch and usually the 12th frame will be OK. The only problem with this situation is there is little rebate left to load a 120 reel. Often the 12th image will have defects due to attaching the last frame into a SS Reel. If you load by removing the film from the backing and then load from the taped end, this will probably be ok. I personally load from the back in order to avoid handling the film.

    I recently stopped using 220 film due to problems with edge fogging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelovecollective View Post
    i'm new to the hasselblad V system..
    i've borrowing a 503CW and 2-220 and 1-120 backs..
    I like pie. Just some random answer.

    can i shoot 120 film in the 220 backs?
    I heard it is possible but maybe some spacing problems.
    are the inserts the same for both backs?
    Good question. I would think they are not the same cause 220 is bigger.
    is it possible to interchange them mixing up serial numbers?
    if i get a CW winder, can i still use a strap for the camera?
    Yes but you'll need a newer neck and shoulder
    is there such thing as a bayonet to screwmount adapter?
    Huh? You want to put your Hasselblad lens on a Spotmatic?
    which is the best metered prism which can be used with a polaroid back?
    45 degrees or 90 degrees? Get a handheld. Not like the prism is coupled to the lens. You'll still need to move the shutter and apeture after you look inside.
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    thanks for the responses so far...
    regarding the metering, maybe it's better to use a 203fe instead..
    the bayonet to screwmount question is for filters..

    here's another thing...
    this A12 back, fairly new is experiencing some spacing problems...nothing horrible but when i advance the film with the knob, i feel the film slip sometimes..

    is there something wrong with the insert? or did i not load the film tight enough? or maybe i should be advancing film with the crank in one smooth motion...

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