I recently bought a Pro body with prism and 80mm N lens on eBay and have been generally happy with it. I bought the Pro with the plain prism to avoid metering clutter in the viewfinder. It replaced a 1000s I sold several years ago after it developed erractic frame spacing. I like the Mamiya 645 because it's comfortable to use hand-held and has excellent lenses. But compared to the 1000s, there are three things I don't like about the Pro. The shutter release takes quite a push; not a problem for static subjects, but it takes some getting used to if you're following a moving subject. Also, there's no cable release socket on the Pro body. You have to buy a weird little cable release adapter that probably isn't available anymore and attach it to the electronic port. There's also no DOF lever on the body like the 1000s had; you have to shift the lens into Manual, where it stays until you shift if back to Auto. But those are minor querks. The only problem I've had with the camera is the dark slide is stuck in the film magazine.