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    Quote Originally Posted by panastasia View Post
    When using "T", with the RB ProSD, you need two release cables - one for "MLU" and one for "B" - press shutter release button, then "B", then "MLU" with lens set on "T". Time the exposure (more than one second) between "B" and "MLU", press "B" to begin exposure then press "MLU" to finish.
    Only the K/L lenses have the 'B' cable release socket. It's got nothing to do with the Pro SD, it's the same if you use a K/L lens on a Pro, Pro S, or RZ (also, you use MLU to begin the exposure, and B to end it).

    The 'B' cable release socket is a handy feature on the K/L lenses, but you don't have to use it to use time mode. Setting the the shutter speed to 1 second or nudging the shutter cocking lever forward a bit will also close the shutter, just like with non-K/L lenses.

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    Ok...as stated a few minutes ago...i'm all set. Using the RZ body w/RB lenses, I put the cable release in the mlu socket on the lens and pull the knob/socket out and turn to the right. Set the shutter to "T." I then compose the image and advance the film...hit the shutter release button which raises the mirror, depress the cable release to open the shutter, and after the proper time period, slowly and slightly push the film advance lever forward to close the shutter. thanks again....

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