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    Mar 2005
    Mexico City
    Multi Format
    My choices: Hasselblad, Rollei, Mamiya 7, in that order. In my newbe years as photographer I worked with a Mamiya Press and loved it, and a Yashicamat too, but have no direct comparison because it happens more than 30 years ago.
    Jose A. Martinez

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    Jul 2007
    Many thanks to all contributors in this thread.

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    Feb 2007
    Tucson, Az
    Medium Format
    FWIW, I went with a Bronica SQ - it was the only system that offered....

    Long exposures w/o battery drain. (Lightning!)
    Mirror lock up.
    Decent construction quality. (The bodies do seem a little more frail than I'd like. Lenses seem bombproof.)
    Reasonable cost.
    Modern, multi-coated lenses. (Again, for the Lightning photography. Older glass can flare badly under this high contrast condition.)

    The GS-1 was my second choice, and preferred format, but lens availability and cost was not as favorable.


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    May 2003
    Valley Stream, NY
    Multi Format
    Regarding the 65mm lens for the Mamiya TLR... It is not too much wider than the 80mm lens, but sometimes, and often for the way I use the machine, it is just enough to get a group of 3 or 4 people in the frame without needing to back up too much. That may sound trivial, but think about it for a moment. When photographing groups of people it is often useful to use a bit of low power fill flash. Flash power drops off considerably with distance, and at low power settings you quickly run out of light before you back up enough with a longer lens. With a shorter lens, you wind up getting too close and with that comes the usual exaggerated noses, etc. So don't discount that focal length too quickly.
    Frank Schifano

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    Apr 2005
    Burlington, Ontario, Canada
    35mm RF
    I started 30 years ago with a Mamiya 645.
    Then worked at a studio with the Mamiya RB67.
    Then switched to the first Pentax 645.
    Then worked for a studio that used the Pentax 67.
    Then switched to the Rollei 6006.
    Then bought my daughter a Rollei T and I loved it.
    Then I sold the 6006 and bought a blad system because that was what the NBA wanted us to shoot with... had 3 cameras and too many lenses but never really loved the system. Sold the Rollei T and was sorry right way.... Sold the blad stuff when the NBA went digi... kept one body because it was so clean and the prices where dropping so low.
    Bought a Rollei GX about six months ago. Use it for b&w portraits only. Love it. Editorial work only so I can shoot how I want.
    Bought a AF Pentax 645 with a 200 mm Lens for b&w portraits... love the rollei but the Pentax is useful for some things because of the 200mm... although a 135 ish might be more useful. Doesn't see much work.
    I could see myself shooting b&w portraits with the Rollei for the rest of my life..... but I don't find it that great for landscapes.... maybe landscapes have to be on 8x10 anyway.
    So I haven't tried them all but I've tried more than my share..... I like the Rollei because it's simple... no system to build.... I can just take pictures and make it work.
    Rob Skeoch
    This is my blog http://thepicturedesk.blogspot.com/
    This my website for photo supplies...
    This is my website for Rangfinder gear

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