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    I have had good luck with the Lee compendium hood and filter holder system. I bought a set of 4" filters, put them in frames, and can now adapt the system to any lens size on my MF or 35mm cameras.

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    I have some B+W and Tiffen filters for my LF lenses and all Tiffen filters for my MF gear. The B+W seem to be more robust - heavier and thicker.

    Tiffen has a wide selection and can be found on the second hand market. As far as image quality goes, to be honest, I can't see any difference between the two brands when I view large prints. I'm referring to the yellow, green and red filters used for B&W film.

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    Lee system. Unless you need to use several filters at once, then the best option with the lee system is to buy the lens hood with 1 or 2 filter slots in it. That then fits direct to the step ring which attaches to your lens.
    That also means you don't need to buy the filter holder unit (but you can if you want). So you need just one lens hood, a step ring for each lens filter thread size you have and then just filters you need which are 100mm X 100mm. You have the option then of the cheaper filters, the more expensive acrylic/resin filters or some glass filters. All are cheaper than equivalent B+W filters. And you don't need other lens hoods for each lens you buy.
    The system will fit on any 35mm or medium format system and I also use it on my 4x5 system.

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