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Hi Dave, did you ever fix your other body that stopped working? Funny how it's IMPOSSIBLE to find an SQ-series repair manual. I've got a locked-up body too. It's cheaper to buy a new one than to get the old one fixed, but I would like to take it apart some day.
Nah, it's laying around here somewhere in the massive 40-year accumulation of "stuff." I snagged a body in really nice condition shortly after I came back from that trip, then a month later, bought another. I figure with a working spare available, the first replacement should work forever. In theory, if I'm not too decrepit to see what I'm doing when I finally get time to try, I would like to try and get it apart. I think its problem might be pretty simple -- if I knew how to see inside! The second replacement is a little more "used" then the first, so I used it for my pinhole adaptor shots for this year's WPPD just in case that had anything to do with my problem in the original.

I've seen repair manuals for some earlier models, maybe we just have to wait until the SQ stuff passes some magic age boundary and the successor company will release the stuff to the public.

(Can't believe I'm sounding that optimistic! :rolleyes