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    max_ebb don't even bother. Q.G. is very knowledgeable on Hasselblads. But unfortunately he functions like this :

    rule number 1 : Q.G. is always right
    rule numebr 2 : If Q.G. isn't right, see rule number 1

    Just do a search on his postings and you'll see that you are wasting your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by max_ebb View Post
    I didn't say anything about credibility. Those are your own words. I said that is the size that I can see a difference in image quality between 6x7 and 6x4.5.
    Don't be silly.
    You were the one who introduced the "believe"-theme, trying to disqualify opinions, which you so very obviously do not even want to consider, as "absolute indisputable facts", which of course they cannot be.
    And you do that to put your own "absolute indisputable facts" forward, thinly veiled as "personal opinion".

    Very transparent.

    Quote Originally Posted by max_ebb View Post
    Do you have some problem comprehending the English language?
    None at all.
    You do know that comprehension involves more than knowing what words might mean?
    Open up your mind, and see the world beyond your personal "absolute indisputable facts". For instance, do go and try the test, have a look, instead of repeating your "absolute indisputable facts" over and over again.
    Have a look, instead of doing silly sums.

    Quote Originally Posted by max_ebb View Post
    I DID NOT say "huge superiority", AND I never said that the superiority is indisputable.

    It's the vocabulary you introduced and i - obligingly - adopted.

    Quote Originally Posted by max_ebb View Post
    You stated that the difference in image size "DOES NOT SHOW" (as if your opinion was absolute indisputable fact).
    I indeed said that.
    But the "as if"-bit originates in your mind.
    What's the beef you have with anything that is not 6x7?

    Quote Originally Posted by max_ebb View Post
    I said that I can see a difference, and that is my experience, nothing more, nothing less. If you don't believe me, I really don't care.
    Hence the silly tries to support your "experience" (what happened to "opinion"? Back to "absolute indisputable facts" again?) with suggesting i never made a print larger than 8x10 (silly), suggesting that it makes a difference whether you have done that or not (not understanding it doesn't matter one iota), and pointing out how large your prints are (very impressive! is it?).

    Quote Originally Posted by max_ebb View Post
    Apparently you are the all knowing one who could not possibly be wrong.
    "Apparently" you do not even want to consider the fact that a linear magnification of 1.3 is not very much at all.
    Hence your "absolute indisputable facts"/"the all knowing one" stupidity.

    Max, have you made and examined both prints as suggested? I am indeed positive that you have not.
    You do not need to, do you? You already know that you do not need to, don't you. You "all knowing one".

    Quote Originally Posted by max_ebb View Post
    What kind of math are you using to come up with 1.29x?
    Very elementary math. Why do you need to ask???

    Quote Originally Posted by max_ebb View Post
    6 x 7 = 42 sq cm

    6 x 4.5 = 27 sq cm

    42 = 27 x 1.555...

    42 does not equal 27 x 1.29

    42 is 55.555% larger than 27
    I'll explain so you too understand (and cannot hide behind silly figures):
    72 / 56 = 1.285

    Enlarge an 6x6 by that factor and you have an image measuring 72 x 72 mm: not 6x7 but 7x7.

    And again: print size does not matter, the factor is always the same.
    The difference in quality between a print made from 6x6 and 6x7 is that between an, say, 8x10 print made from a 6x7 negative, and a 10.3x12.8 print made from the very same 6x7 negative.

    Now run and do the test.

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