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    Agfa Record or Ikonta C

    I am considering the purchase of one of these cameras. The Record has the Solinar and the Ikonta the Tessar. Both are of course 4 elements. Any overall opinions on these two fine cameras?

    Thanks in advance

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    All things being equal, it's a bit of a toss-up, because both should give you very good photos.

    There are so many variables involved, especially with any Agfa:

    • Does it have plastic or leather bellows? The plastic bellows are notorious for developing pinholes.
    • Has the camera been serviced?
    • Does the front element focus smoothly or at all? Again, Agfa folders are notorious for using grease that through the years hardens into a cement.
    • Is this a zone focus or a rangefinder?

    I've found the mechanics, particularly the rigidity of the struts, to be very good with both cameras.

    Zeiss Ikon cameras in general were made to a high standard in choice of materials, design and quality of construction. An Ikonta C is a fine camera, especially one with a Tessar.

    For either camera, there also is the question of a coated lens vs. uncoated lens, whether the shutter has been serviced or is stuttering on slow speeds.

    Consider the ergonomics. Some Ikontas have a left-handed shutter release on the camera body, while with others you use the release that is on the shutter housing.

    The Agfa Records have a right-handed release, which is more convenient for right-handed photographers.

    I've not had a problem with a left-handed release, but some people don't like it.

    As I said, if both cameras are in clean, working condition, it might come down to price. And then I would probably go with the less-expensive camera.



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