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    A clear advantage of Mamiya 7 over Leica for professional photographers is the rendition of the lens is very consistent from 43mm to 150mm. Every Leica lens has different character, which might be a fun factor for the collectors or hobbyist, however, Leica should be considered as somewhat imperfect as a system camera. The standard of the professional movie lenses has been ultra expensive movie Zeisses, which also have very consistent character from UW to long, since the consistent rendition is required throuout the movie. Also today's professional photographers standard lenses, such as canon or Nikon zooms, Hasselbrad lenses are also very consistent.

    The conclusion is if you dislike the rendition of Mamiya 7, you should choose the other system, and if you have a Leica body, you have tons of lens choices, but forget about the consistency unless you only use one lens. (some Zeiss zm lense seem to have very similar rendition, but not throughout the whole range of width.).
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmooney View Post
    Hi All,

    I'm thinking of swapping my Leica M6 for a Mamiya 7. The obvoius gain is in negative real estate but what are the downsides? Has anyone made the switch? How did it go for you? My main use for the M6 is my everyday carry camera to shoot whatever may come, sort of my notebook of my life. It takes me about a month to go through a 24 exp roll of 135.

    I pretty much only shoot with a 35 on my M so I was going to go with the 65mm lens and add the 150 in case I need something to get in close.

    I'd appreciate any insight anyone can give.

    Take care,

    Had the full M9 thing some time ago, digital is too expensive, you loose so much $ every year. So I got a Fuji 670W to start with. Just like a big Leica, but does 6x6 and 6x7. Its marvellous, and I agree with you about the 24 or 36 exposures. 12 is much more convenient. Even if shooting alot during the day, you might want to change your film for night-time.


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