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Thread: A Buying Trip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rolleijoe View Post
    Once you shoot with Zeiss, there is no other lens. Just think of all the great images made by Matthew Brady with his ULF cameras, coating his own emulsion onto glass, and using one lens.

    I don't understand this (relatively) modern notion that you need an f/1.8 lens with 3200asa film to get an image. I'd truly like to see some of the so-called "artists" who shoot these days try to make use of even a Leica 1a. They can't do it. Just too lost without their AE modes and AF cameras. Take the "A" out, and the "artist" goes with it.

    Unless you can learn to get what you want by using only one lens, as thousands of photographers before the invention of "auto-everything", then you can not call yourself an "artist" in my book.

    I agree about the "auto-everything". I have my F100 for fast-action photography that can't be focused manually, but I don't do a lot of "artsy" stuff with it. For art I have my RB67, which doesn't have auto anything. The reason I like the SLR design is because I do want more than one lens; I can't use a 127mm lens for everything, and it doesn't work that well for landscapes. I don't think it makes me less of an artist to put on a 50mm lens when I want a wideangle shot. However, I'm not a big fan of zooms for 35mm because using primes makes me think about the perspective I want and makes me move to get the shot. But I would want at least a wide lens, normal lens, and telephoto to be able to actually get the shots I want. A lot can be done with one lens, but not everything IMO.

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    Dont forget KEH.com. They may not be in the UK, but they generally have a lot of good stock. I bought a Mamiya RZ 50mm lens in bargin condition. When I got it, it didn't even have a scratch on it...perfect. Get them to send you there catalogue. I live in New Zealand. Once a month, I get a new catalogue in the mail. A great read.

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