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The C lenses are a bigger step up from the non-C lenses than the step up from C to K/L. I had purchased an RB67 system and after my photoging buddy saw how cool it was, he purchased the same system with different lenses so that we could share. Between both of us, we have the 50mm, 65mm, 90mm, 127mm, 180mm, and 250mm, all C lenses. All the lenses that we bought were purchased a prices lower than renting for 7 days at the cheapest place that we could find. One thing he does is to buy lenses to try them out, and if he doesn't like them he sells them online via auction and has never lost any money (he's sold at least 30 lenses this way). I would like to purchase my own 50mm C lens prior to going to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos this summer. I am bringing my Canon AT-1 as well, since Kodachrome 64 in no longer made/processed in 120 format (and I want to shoot Ektar 100). If you're like me, make sure to bring a few backs for your Mamiya. I am thinking that I'll bring Velvia 100 (non-F) in 220 format and not too sure of a b&w film...I'd like to bring Rollei Technical Pan, but that might be too slow for the RB67 lenses handheld in less than sunny conditions. Anyway, best of luck. Try to find good lenses for cheap and you will not regret not renting.
I think I will be able to sell the wife on the buy and sell back on the lenses. She may go for it.

I certainly will get at least 2 more backs to take along, if not more.

I plan on taking (at least) 5 Plus-X 125, 5 Tri-X 320, 5 Velvia 50, 5 Porta 160VC, 2 Porta 160NC (for the shots with people).

Granted, this is not a "photo trip" and the majority of time will be spent doing non-photo related things. I figure I will shoot shoot shoot. I can always "throw away" a neg, I cannot create one from a shot I did not take.