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    The Hasselblad camera body is a bit too long for a 80 mm lens design.

    Which is why they made the mirror too short (so it would not hit the rear of the lens).

    But also why they made the 80 mm Planar ever so slightly 'retrofocus'. Just like the shorter focal length lenses.
    In that sense, the 80 mm is a 'wide angle'.

    The 100 mm Planar is a more symmetrical lens.
    I agree that though it's freedom of distortion is hard to match, the 100 mm is only better than the 80 mm when both are used wide open and at long range. Else, the 80 mm Planar is just as good.

    The 110 mm Planar is quite different. Not nearly as good.
    But (wide open) it produces images that look so very differently, that you do not even begin to compare its sharpness to that of other lenses.

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    Yes, I know that the 110 isn't as sharp as the 100. (They are really at opposite ends.) But it's still a very good lens compared to most other brands. The most important thing for me is that the 110 is special in the same sense (but not the same look) as my Heliar 21cm is on my LF camera. (I used to have a 110, but it was dropped and smashed beyond rescue into a piece of swedish granite. We'll see when I can find me a new (old) one.)


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