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I say this because either pressing or not pressing the pin (with the tip of a pencil) without the back attached, it is always possible to move the latches that release the back. This is why I asked if anyone could press the release button (thus moving the latches) without the back attached.
Well, on my SQ-A, I cannot release the back catches** unless the dark slide is in (or the condition is faked by pressing the pin I described). It probably also interlocks the shutter, I didn't check that function. It would make sense that both would be conditioned on that pin, since they're looking for the same condition. It can get a bit frustrating learning this stuff the hard way -- the manuals are little more than a quick start pamphlet.

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** Just occurred to me -- I'm talking about releasing the entire back from the body via the catches at the bottom of the frame -- not opening the back as in getting at the film insert. I don't think there's any interlock on that; having to operate two buttons is apparently considered sufficient protection.