For the 45 and 35, there's two different lenses. Avoid the C versions, which are the earlier designs. The S and N versions are the later designs and superior (the N's also have the new coatings and barrel design, S lenses are updated optics with C coatings and barrels). In the case of the 45, the new version is also smaller (67mm filter vs 77mm). This is why there's such variable reports on those two lenses.

I've got a 645 Super with 3 C (80/1.9, 80/2.8 and 135/3.5) and one N (55/2.8) lenses. The 55's a real gem, stunningly sharp. The 150/3.5 is a great portrait lens, all about good bokeh. The two 80's are excellent but differ in performance, the 2.8 being the sharper with the 1.9 being a better 'people' lens.