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Why not try Tri-X? It has very nice tonality and is probably the easiest 400 speed fim to use.
I am rapidly going off TriX in 35mm due to the epic gulf in resolution between it and Neopan 400, which is still a traditional film. In 120 its not an issue most of the time. I agree there; its dead easy to use and has a certain look, but Neopan 400 is not exactly finicky in std devs. Negs look more contrasty due to the v clear base, but otherwise it is pretty robust. Touch more modern looking (but still fairly traditional) and in xtol the tonality is tremendous.

After messing about with so many films, my favourites are narrowing and Neopan 400 is impressing me more and more. Seems to be able to do everything. TriX will still hang about for the grain and 'the look' but Neopan is the jack of all trades for me.