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the 500C is very old, made from 1959 to 1970. Almost all of them I have seen are badly worn from years of day to day use in a studio. The 500CM was made from 1970 until the late 80's or early 90's. If you get one, look for a newer one. The CM is newer, has interchangeable focus screens, and isn't usually much more expensive than the old 500C.

My advice is to get a late 500CM and a CF series lens. The older C-series lenses are a pain to use because the shutter and aperture settings are locked together. You have to hold in a tab to change either setting independent of the other. I had an 80mm C-series lens and that got real old real fast. The CF lenses cost more, but are worth it for that alone. The CF lenses are still supported with parts by Hasselblad too. The older lenses are not.

A 500CM and 80mm CF Planar and A12 back in nice condition is about $900-$1000
150mm CF lens is about $450
60mm CF Distagon is about $600

I just noticed you didn't want an 80mm lens. If not, you can substitute the 60 for the 80 and add a couple hundred to the price for the outfit.
Yes the 500 c is old but it is the mileage not the year that is the factor. I have a late 5oo c that is for all practical propose a CM (an interchangeable viewing screen is about the only difference) With the c lens it is a pain to have shutter and aperture locked together ,but I chose to live with it due to the cost.the C lenses still have great optics.