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    Quote Originally Posted by blockend View Post
    You appear to be having an argument in your own head. Agfa got out of film, Fuji and Kodak are pulling lines month on month. Film is a medium for those who love the medium, artists, cranks, recidivists and dreamers of all kinds. In that reality, what in God's name does the fact that a camera has separate viewing and taking lens have to do with anything?
    You (literally) lost the thread.
    Someone said there was nothing archaic about TLRs.
    Ask him.

    Why do you think that whether or not film makers are pulling out of anything has anything to do with anything discussed in this thread?
    What did you say about "in your own head"? Lost touch completely, you have.

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    It reminds me of Webster's dictionary company. They see it as their job to track usage of language and keep the dictionary up to date according to if a word is used or not. If some new word is invented by some section of society they watch the usage for a few years and see if it becomes accepted and used in publications. If it does then it is considered a real word in the English language. Usage determines if something is viable. Clearly the Rolleiflex is still in use in certain sections of society. They are still made and they are bought and sold daily on the used market. There is still an industry for servicing them. So it is not accurate to say it is out dated because at this date it is still in use. To call it out of use you must qualify the use. The Rolleiflex is out dated and archaic as a Newspaper reporters camera. It is out dated as a wedding photographers camera. It is out dated as a studio camera. But it is relatively in heavy use in an art and amateur's camera. It is very popular especially in Asia. Right here in my town nearly every photographer I know occasionally uses his Rollei. The design is not what determines the viability as much as the usage is. It is an old design but the fact that the camera is still well used today merely says it was a great design.

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    All film users are at the whim of corporate sentimentality, artisan manufacture and importers of cult materials. There's no imperative to make film or film cameras at all, visual simulacra would continue to be created through the digital lens if silver supplies dried up tomorrow. So we're talking about enthusiasts for the film process and the elements of society who can still be bothered with the fuss. Photography by film has joined other craft skills, like etching, shoeing horses and thatching roofs - invaluable to those involved but having next to nothing to do with the necessities of life today.

    The grumpy side of this debate appears to hinge (sic) on whether a camera has a moving mirror inside or not. If it has it's contemporary, if not it's old fashioned. In an age when you can shoot broadcast 1080 on a camera not much bigger than a credit card the ergonomics of medium format are all out of the dark ages. All of them. Most 120 cameras since the 1960s have been more at home on a studio tripod than a neck strap, they grew interchangeable backs, metered prisms, a plethora of lenses, grips and a pile of accessories for the commercial sector of their day and did nothing for street photography, the only MF camera developed specifically for portraiture en plein air was the Mamiya and other rangefinders. It did so in spite of the antiquated format and at a time when what was actually required was a redesigned larger film carriage system for a new generation of professional cameras.
    That system never arrived and almost certainly never will. In that context a Rolleiflex is no more old school than any other post war 120 system lump and more useful on the street than most.

    Insert whatever emoticon says that.
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    Is the BS over?

    There is a light article in the December issue of Smithsonian magazine if anybody is interested.

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    Thanks I really enjoyed them.

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    Love what I've seen of her work even though I'm not usually drawn to the square format. Just goes to show it's more the operator than the gear.

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