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    Hasselblad Polaroid back

    Ok I'm thinking about getting a polaroid back for my hasselblad now.... I feel sorry for my wallet. Can you guys give me some information on the different kinds of polaroid backs that's out there and which you would recommand? I have a hasselblad 500c/m

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    I use the Polaplus back with my Hasselblad, but I think they're all pretty similar. What makes the Polaplus nice is that the darkslide does not have to be completely removed to use it (but that's a minor detail). Also, it does not extend below the body when attached to the camera, like (IIRC) some of the other Polaroid backs do.

    Watch out for the backs that use Type 80 (square) as opposed to Type 100 (rectangular) film. Type 80 film is no longer in manufacture and was discontinued some time ago.

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    None of the Hasselblad Polaroid backs extend below the camera enough to make use of it on a EL(...) body impossible, or make putting it on a tripod difficult. Though the tripod foot of the old SWC had to be lowered (and the viewfinder raised) to allow putting a Polaroid back on it.

    You do not need to remove the dark slide completely using other types Polaroid back either. You just do not have that catch that helps you know when the slide is pulled far enough to clear the film gate.
    A trick i have seen, and used myself (past tense, since i haven't used Polaroid in ages), is to scribe a line on the darkslide, and pull it until the line is visible.

    The Polaroid back to avoid is the Polaroid 80.
    It only takes the old, 'amateur' type 80 Polaroid films. Films that no longer are available, though Fuji did make and sell some not so long ago.
    The Polaroid 80 also back has a large protruding glass plate, which will damage focal plane shutters in 200/2000-series cameras.

    From the Polaroid 100 onwards, all models (PolaBasic, PolaCombi, PolaPlus) are equally fine.
    The PolaCombi magazine took both series-100 and series-80 films, but with the latter not available, no use in looking for one of those.

    The Hasselblad Polaroid magazines have a glass plate to move the image back to where the polaroid sits. This is necessary because the size of the polapack inside the back made putting it closer to the plane of focus impossible (the rod tripping the released flag in film magazines would be obstructed).
    When you get one, make sure that the glass plate is clean, and free from scratches, pits and other damage.
    Everything that is on the plate will show up on the Polaroid.



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