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    Quote Originally Posted by paul ron View Post
    Which lens are we looking at?
    The rear doublet on a Sekor-Z 150mm W.

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    Just for the search engine, because there is already some good information in this thread.

    I took a 110mm Sekor Z lens apart because it had some tiny fungus in between the last element (facing the camera). The fungus sat at the edge of the outer lens and it came off without a trace. I managed to take all elements out and cleaned them, because there also was some dust and a small hair visible. Some noticeable things to mention:

    - the the ring that secures the last lens of the back element didn't come off. I removed the other lens (that ring came of easily) and put the element in a warm water bath, about body temperature. After waiting 10 minutes to let it warm up I tried again and it came off without an effort!

    - I cleaned the lenses in a bath with a drip of dish washing solution and destilled water, in a ultrasonic cleaner. After that I flushed them with destilled water and dried them with a fine microsynthetic tissue. They came out flawless!

    - I had some problems with the front ring - I don't have a rubber piece that fits in the conical shape of the ring. So I took a spray can that fitted right in the middle of the conus and a thick rubber glove, which I flexed around the can bottom with the flat back side of the glove. Hope you get the picture. The ring came out without effort turning anti clock wise.

    All in all it was a great succes and I have a "new" 110mm lens now :-)

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