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    How to load a Hasselblad A12 magazine

    I've have the 2 latest style A12 magazines (the ones with the built in slide holder 30212 and the model 30147) and can load them fine but I just acquired a older version A12 and have a question.

    Usually I load the film, lock the cartridge into the back and wind the lever until it doesn't permit anymore winding. The number "1" shows in the frame counter window.

    With this older back, when I wind, there is no apparent point where it "brakes." I see on the frame window "0" at first, then as I wind the film, eventually "1" appears. If I don't stop winding but continue, it goes to "2," "3," etc. I assume I am going too far.

    Do I stop when "1" clicks into the window or is there something wrong with the back that needs servicing as it doesn't automatically brake when it reaches "1?"

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    What you probably have there is not an "A"(utomatic) back, but a manual, or plain "12" back.

    The way to load it differs in that there is no automatic stop when frame 1 is in the film gate.
    The thing to do is load the film on the insert in the regular way. Then after locking the insert inside the shell you open the flap door on the back, and watch the paper backing while tturningthe wind key.
    When you see the number "1" appear through the peep hole, you stop winding, and close the flap door.
    You then twist the wind key counterclockwise to set the counter to "1", and you're ready to go.

    Else, if there is a foldable wind crank on the counter side and no peep hole on the back, you do have an A back after all, and it needs a repair.



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