Hi, Jeff!

Hope you have fun with that 90C. I bought one from KEH, too, Bargain grade. It is stunningly sharp. I did have to take it in for repairs shortly after getting it, as a couple of internal screws had worked loose, and the sync socket can be a bit undependable--I'm gonna need to see to that. But cosmetically it was fine, and the glass is excellent.

I've also acquired from KEH a 127C (also very, very sharp, no problems with it), a 180C (again, mechanically perfect, but *merely* sharp) and a 50C which I haven't had time to test adequately yet, although it did have a sticky shutter which had to be tended to right away. I'm thinking about a 65 soon, as they're so cheap.

KEH makes it so easy to kit yourself out frugally with a system that a little over a decade ago would have cost thousands of dollars. I loved that the 220 backs cost so little--I've been burning up the supply of 220 Provia and NPS that I stocked up on and stashed in the freezer when the pros were all going digital. Too bad there's no one producing 220 black & white film now that Kodak has discontinued TXP in that length.