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    Quote Originally Posted by Q.G. View Post
    A24's are not more expensive than A12s.

    That is, if you find ones that are, know then that they shouldn't be: people have been rushing to dump those on a large scale, since there is very little film you can run through an A24 back left, and as soon as the very few remaining films are discontinued in 220 format, these backs can only be used as desk ornaments.

    So i'd consider an A24 a free extra with no real value.
    I run 120 film through A24 backs all the time with no problems...in fact this has been discussed quite a bit in this forum with the same conclusion...not sure why such a preposterous statement like "there is very little film you can run though an A24 back left" is stated with such authority.

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    You can transport an elephant on a one donkey cart too. Doesn't mean that it's the way to do it.

    You can indeed run 120 film through a 24 back.
    Spacing will be off (how do you archive your film?), and you never know whether you get all 12 frames on a roll.

    And why would you?
    Good to know, perhaps, when you happen to have 120 film, must shoot something, but all you have available is a 24 back. Else, with so many 12 backs available, i really wouldn't bother.

    A24 backs are being dumped, because the choice of 220 films is extremely limited. Putting a higher value on them than on A12 backs isn't realistic.
    And that's the only other reason why you would try running 120 film through 220 backs: you can't afford the more expensive (!) 120 back.

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    Thanks for the advice. It does not look like the seller will accept my offer so i will check Ebay for a kit. Thanks!

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