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    How do adjust Minolta Autocord focus?

    After having run about 15-20 rolls through my Autocord, I've started to notice that on shots taken at a larger aperture, where dof is narrower, I seem to miss the focus. I processed 5 rolls from a recent family trip, and it was frustrating to notice that a few were out of focus when I know for sure that the WLF was showing it in focus. My question is, what is the easiest way to remedy this? When I take the WLF off, I don't see any way to adjust the mirror or gg. Do I have to adjust the taking lens?

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    I'd contact Karl Bryan in Oregon, who does great work on Autocords and adjusted the focus on mine perfectly. You can reach him at karl.kathy@verizon.net. He uses equipment I don't have.... If you are looking to do it yourself, perhaps another forum member can help.

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    on any TLR the adjustment is pretty much the same

    -set the focus to infinity (wind the focus rack right in)

    - open the back and check the focus at infinity on the taking (lower lens) using ground glass in the film plane

    - if it is out of focus at infinity you will need to adjust infinity focus - usually by removing the cover from the centre of the focussing knob, and losening and adjusting the locking screw until you acheive infinity focus at the infinity stop (that is with the knob wound back to infinity)

    - now you adjust the viewing lens to infinity - you can do this either by rotating the front of the lens on some cameras to reach infinity, or adjusting the mirror angle to reach inifinity

    on a Autocord the adjustment is slightly different if you have the focussing lever on the bottom of the lens panel - you need to rotate both lenses to acheive infinity focus

    you now have a camera that should be focussing correctly
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